Dental Software

Dental Software

Software to help with dental care

Finding software can be overwhelming. We help dental offices choose the right charting and practice management software so they can access electronic dental records and set appointments.

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Headquartered in Sacramento, California, tab32 is the industry's #1 technology platform for patient-first cloud dental electronic health record software (Dental EHR), Dental Practice Management System (Dental PMS), and Open Data W…

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Recent recommendations – 17 recommendations Read More Curved Dental Curved Dental is an American cloud-based business management platform that was created in 2004. Curved Dental has served over 41,000 dental professionals from the United States and Canada. Curve Hero can be used to organize, invoice, manage recall and manage insurance.


Recent recommendations: 14 recommendations Learn More Denti. Max Denti. Max Denti. Max is one of the only solutions to offer a complete Digital Sensor, Imaging software, and Practice Management Software solution, which can be purchased individually or as a bundle. Installation is easy.

dental software

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The volume of patient data that dental offices receive is both clinically and administratively significant. Our dentists and dental office managers most frequently seek ways to provide better access and manage that patient information.

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of how software can help you with your dental problems.

The purpose of

Dental Software

">dental software is to simplify the work flow in dental practices. This helps to increase efficiency as well as patient care. These are some of the most common modules and applications for dental software.


Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Digital sensor/imaging


Electronic claims

What Are The Types Of Dental Software?

The different types of software for dentistry include electronic dental record (EDR), electronic medical records (EHR), software to manage dental practices and software for dental offices (DOS). The software can be divided into four verticals: imaging, clinical, administration, patient engagement, and imaging.

Which is the Most Popular Dental Software?

ClearDent.Dentrix.Dentrix Ascend.Curve Dental.DentiMax.Eaglesoft.Dentrix Enterprise.Carestream Dental.More items…

Is Dentrix Hard?

not hard to learn and is very straight forward. we have had it for a few years and we are constantly learning how to do new things on this software. i love the technical support you get with dentrix you can do it by phone or through online chat, they make it convenient for anyone and are always so helpful.

What software do Dental Receptionists use to communicate with patients?

Dentrix Ascend allows you to automate everyday tasks like scheduling, collection management, and even insurance management. This will allow your practice's front desk to be more focused on patient satisfaction, as well as profitability.

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