Spider X Putter Review

Spider X Putter Review

Taylormade Spider X Review – By A 4 Handicap Golfer

Taylormade Spider X to be the most popular putter both on the PGA tour as well as the LPGA tour. It is comfortably the most widely used putter in the professional game, to the extent that it doesn't even have a rival in terms of the percentage of professionals that use the same putter.

More importantly, Spider X also made its way into many bags, including my own. This in-depth review will reveal the experience of changing to Spider X and explain what makes this putter so special.

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spider x putter review

Taylormade Spider X Putter Review

Look & Feel. I was able to see improvements in my short game and decided to review the TaylorMade Spider X Copper/White 3. putter. Although I usually have no problems with long shots, it has always been difficult to approach the hole. The ball lost speed in the last few seconds, which was not only a concern but also a serious problem. These problems were solved by the Spider X.

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spider x putter review

Taylormade Spider X Putter – Socio Proof

It is important to understand what the industry's top players and other well-known figures have to say about Spider X. Let's take a quick look.

…a certain group wants something that is more similar to a modern mallet. And that's precisely what Spider X was designed for.

Bill Price is TaylorMade’s Director for Product Creation. The new TaylorMade Spider X has a different shape and face. This is not a drastic overhaul. However, Spider X will be a completely new TaylorMade golf putter.

This is my. The.Golf. Spy online review. The original performance benefits remain, but the aesthetics were vastly enhanced to appeal more to new audiences.

Matt Saternus, editor in chief at Plugged. Check out. Golf.com


spider x putter review

Can I buy the Taylormade Spider X Putter?

This new TaylorMade club has a lot to offer, as you can see in our TaylorMade spider X copper/white 3 putter review. The Spider X has the perfect solution if you are looking for more forgiveness, or a club with a lower MOI.

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spider x putter review

Taylormade Spider X Putter Review

If you are familiar with TaylorMade, the Spider head is one that will be remembered by putters and golfers alike. This design was originally introduced over 20 years ago. Its continued popularity prompted TaylorMade to expand the line and seek out new methods of improving the overall construction in order to better serve the putting stroke. Spider X. The significant changes mark the 10th anniversary of the company's existence. I want to talk about them more in detail. For reference, Josh (aka JB on the THP Forum) introduced the Spider X model on the THP homepage in late January, providing some fantastic feedback from the folks behind the scenes at TaylorMade, which can be found here The first and probably most significant visual change to the Spider lineup is the adaptation of streamlined perimeter weighting, departing from what some termed 'exhaust pipes' in the previous Spider iteration. Spider X's weights are still in the same basic form, however they have a sleeker profile and angle that prevents the eyes wandering. A preview article indicated that there would be custom weight choices ranging anywhere from 2-12 grams in order to maximise the weight profile of a golfer. This system allows for extended perimeter weighting and is not an eye-sore.

When you rotate the putter to see the sole of the head, I suspect you will notice the carbon fiber visual in the central mass area. Spider X's goal was to add weight in the outer perimeter of the head. This would maximize the stability and the overall MOI. The first carbon composite sole was used to achieve this. A putter helped them do so. Additional weight was also allocated by cutting out portions of the foot on the heels and toe sections. This is not easily seen at the address. The head's appearance is unchanged, and the stability has not been compromised. However, it offers weight benefits that are unmatched. With a 355g head (stock), any time you can take that much of the central sole and replace it with only 15 grams of carbon composite, you are really maximizing the perimeter weight potential.

The final highlight of what we cannot really see, yet can very clearly hear, is the improvements made to the pure roll insert. TaylorMade has added a thicker surlyn insert in place of pure roll technology. This insert is a long-standing success. The soft, audible feedback the golfers receive when striking the ball produces an insert responsiveness which in our testing was really good. Similar to pure roll experiences in the past and many others, twelve grooves allow the ball to roll forward, moving fast towards the target.

The new TaylorMade alignment system is positioned above the ball so that the eyeballs naturally focus on it. Through extensive research, a new alignment system was created that aids golfers in visualizing the direction they wish to hit the ball. As the picture will clearly show, the ball looks extremely comfortable in front of the head. True path alignment, although not as visible, is actually indented and not painted onto the head. The design has a depth that supports connectivity with the other toplines.

TaylorMade chose to change their approach to color for 2019 with Spider X. The putter line-up now includes two prominent colors, copper and navy. You can choose to have the true path alignment in all or part of the white center, or you could just leave it in the white. THP would love to know your preferred color between these two heads. However, both of them have a certain classiness that is perfectly in line with their design. Simple, sleek lines with a slantneck and a single bent shaft. This is all in black. It's paired with a Spider X-themed Super. Stroke Pistol GTR 1. For more information on the Spider X putter from TaylorMade, visit www.TaylorMade. Golf.com You can join in the discussion on THP Forum by following this thread. Share, Like and Share 7 votes for an average rating of 4.14

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Why is The Spider Putter so Delicious?

It's resistant to twisting after impact which makes it much more forgiving. This is especially important when you are playing long putts. TaylorMade designed the head with a simplified design to appeal visually to more golfers. TaylorMade streamlined the head to increase stability during impact. Putts will find the cup faster.

Whats The Difference Between Spider X And Spider Ex Putter?

Spider X putster features a True Path white section with a Y shape, while Spider EX is more rectangular and has three dots along with two parallel lines. It doesn't matter which one you prefer, but neither is better. 16 Apr 2021

What Pros Use Spider X?

Taylormade Spider X Standard Rory (DJ, Jason Day, Jon Rahm) all use this standard version. Spider X standard could work for you if your tendency is to putt right and leave the face wide open.

Is there a difference between the Spider X and Spider Tour?

Taylormade Spider X represents the official upgrade of the Spider Tour. Although they share many similarities, the Spider X has more refinements. Taylormade added the Truepath alignment system to the Truepath putter.

.Spider X Putter Review

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