Taylormade P790 Review

Taylormade P790 Review

Taylormade P790

4-PW The take: It's easy to be fooled by looks, as our GOLF test team discovered when they tried the P790 Irons. One tester called them "an ultra-forgiving iron trapped inside of a blade." Essentially, that's exactly what the P790 irons are all about: providing game-improvement-style performance in a shape that's welcomed by even low-handicappers.

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TaylorMade 2019 Irons can unleash your beast. These P790 Irons were designed for better players and consistent play. Foam cavity filler increases COR to generate remarkable distance. Progressive ICT and the cut-thru Speed Pocket technology combine with a 4140 stainless steel face to provide distance control and impact control. For unmatched playability, the le tungsten weighting is low. It has a lower launch and CG. See 150+ customer reviews by our Gear Experts in the Club. Check out the 2021 collection.

Details: The iron hollow-bodied construction is obtuse and looks like a blade. It has a thin forge face and toe section with tungsten to aid in flight, forgiveness, distance and speed. Speed is used to inject the irons with Speed. This helps soften sound and feeling. Foam is a foam-like material made from urethane. This is a best-of-both-worlds kind of iron.

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taylormade p790 review

Taylormade P790 Irons: Review

Do you want to improve your ability to score birdies and hit the ball closer? While most golfers always upgrade their driver and fairway woods, irons are often missed out when upgrading equipment.

You are not getting the most out of all this new technology if you still use old irons. Taylormade P790 golf irons will be a major upgrade in the 2019-2020 seasons.

Their new models are a significant upgrade to their popular predecessors. TaylorMade's website states, "You don’t mess with the things that work, you improve them." Continue reading to see how TaylorMade improved their new irons for better playability, forgiveness, distance and more range in 2020.

TaylorMade P790 Irons Review TaylorMade P790 irons comes in two complete-set versions – the P790 TI Edition and the P790 E edition. There is also a 2-iron custom version called the P790 UDI. They are different from the 2017 model in many ways.

2017 Vs. 2019 Model – How are They Different?

TaylorMade P790 irons in 2017 were extremely solid. These irons are beloved by all golfers around the world for their powerful performance and classic design.

TaylorMade's 2019 P790 update: TaylorMade's engineers came up with an answer to their challenge and created a forged iron which delivers incredible distance while also offering enhanced playability, feel, and control. The engineers had to place all the technology in a compact shape that would be preferred by players with mid to low handicaps. HINT: These irons are not suitable for those who play in the 100s. The only problem with the 2017 model was that only one model was available. Now, the 2019 model offers two models so that golfers who aren't shooting in the 70s or 80s can still love this beautifully crafted iron.


taylormade p790 review

Taylormade P790 Iron (2019)

TaylorMade P790 (2019) iron review.

TaylorMade P790 (2019) iron review.

This is how the 2019 TaylorMade 790 iron works.

TaylorMade P790 (2019) iron review.

TaylorMade P790 (2019) iron review.


taylormade p790 review

Taylormade Irons 2019 Taylormade Irons Review

Quick Take TaylorMade took its crowd favorite P790 irons and refined them to be a better version of themselves. Although it looks similar, TaylorMade altered the design to look better at address and tweaked its technology inside to provide better launch characteristics and to gap better between clubs. These claims proved to be true when I tried them out. You might be interested in a set that is faster, more sleek, and has a higher level of consistency. Read on.

TaylorMade P790 irons In 2017, the P790 received a lot attention from both golfers as well as industry professionals. This hollow body designed put both proven and brand-new technology within a slim, elegant body. Golfers loved it. According to lawsuits, the P790 caused some problems in the golf industry. TaylorMade was fortunate to have a winning product.

TaylorMade announced recently its P790 irons that improve on the strengths of the original P790 and offer a golf club similar to the one they loved. The 2019 P790 irons were unveiled to us a few weeks back. We got a glimpse of some changes and can be found here. This week, we were able to try these clubs out and discover what the changes could do in practice. TaylorMade implemented small, but significant changes which resulted on the launch monitor in visible increases. This made the club look even more great.

The fast get faster

I confess that it was hard for me to believe when these irons claimed they would perform faster than the original. The ball speed of the irons was 2 mph faster than their predecessors. This translated to about half a longer club. I found this amazing. TaylorMade took what I thought was one of my longest clubs and made it longer. They shortened the face by up to 7 percent to give the club a greater Coefficient of Restitution, and also a more attractive face. TaylorMade won't be bold about the distance increase this year. However, it does show that there is potential with proper fitting.

Only half of the story is about ball speed. 2019 irons are also slightly more powerful than the old P790. By thinning the face and removing mass from the high toe of the club, TaylorMade was able to increase the amount of tungsten at the lower back of the iron, which is also plainly visibly bigger this year. This lowers the Center of Gravity (GG), making the ball more powerful. In my testing, the new P790 irons were launching nearly half a degree higher than the 2017 version.

The 2019 irons have the same Thru Slot Speed Pocket that was in the original, which maximizes ball speed for miss-hits. The combination of slightly higher launch and increased ball speeds make the 2019 P790 irons playable over a very wide range of skill levels, and a heck of a lot of fun to hit.


taylormade p790 review


Taylor has done a great job as you can see from this Taylor. Taylormade made P790 irons review: Taylormade is closing a gap on the golf club market.

It is not easy to create an iron that is both attractive and capable of producing high ball speeds. This is partly what makes this club a bit more expensive than others but you are getting what you pay for.

Through years of playing this game, and teaching it to many players of all abilities, I've learned many interesting lessons. One is that not everyone who plays high handicap or mid-handicap golf wants to be with the club designed just for them.

Some people are searching for more control and improvement. Some people have enjoyed playing with Dad's old blades over the years. It is not possible to change to a larger head improvement club.

Taylor. You will be seeing Taylor in Made P790 reviews. The main trend that you will hear is how great this club looks, and how accessible it is.

Taylor looks amazing. Made has had many iron options, but the P790 still looks the same. There have been very few changes to the club's body.

The iron is certainly worth the test!

Are Taylormade P790 Forgiving?

They are Tour-proven irons, although they may not be as flexible. They have a tapered design blade that allows for a change in the topline depending on where you view it. The transition to 3-PW is smooth, making the MP-20 MB ideal for any club or typical shot.

Is P790 safe for high-handicappers?

The beautiful thing about the P790 iron is that it is designed for a mid to low handicap player but a high handicap player can choose this iron.

Taylormade P790 is a game-improvement product.

They are not intended to be used for game improvement and they are not suitable for high handicappers or beginners. … Only minor changes were introduced and the result is a "long" iron and one that instills confidence. The name and the look remain the same, but a new version of the P790 Ti has been introduced.

What handicap is P790

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.Taylormade P790 Review

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