Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Taylormade Sim And Sim Max Drivers Review

Looks These drivers look beautiful. There is no denying that these drivers are stunning. It's time to get rid of the red, and bring in the blue. Also, instead of black-and white finishes on the crown of their heads, they are using grey and chalky white.

There is a lot to the crown, including the traditional framing of the face for alignment. The hosel also created a website design for the crown, SIM and SIM. Apart from the slight colour-scheme tweak, it's all very much similar to the M drivers of the past, until you look underneath the club…

The technology affecting the shape is now and TaylorMade has worked hard to make it happen. Looking behind someone who is attempting to address the ball with the ball can clearly see that the club bottom appears like a capital T.

The SIM head is small, which may surprise you. However, it's smaller because the SIM face has a lower height than those on the models. While the overall head seems much thinner and appears flatter, it does have a higher face than other models.

This SIM is also equipped with sliding weight technology. This explains why the SIM comes in at PS479, and the rest of them come in at PS449.

SIM Max D models have divergent top-line concealing. This makes it appear more open than it is. It helps golfers to close their eyes at impact.

TaylorMade really has the ability to make modern-day new manufacturers noises' their own. This is what I call the TaylorMade sound. It's even more solid than before – dull like a whack, rather than a high pitched ping sound. I loved the SIM’s sound and feeling off my face.

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Taylormade Sim Driver Verdict

Before I started this review I would have said the SIM would be the model for me but, dare I say it, it did do what it said too well. For my slower swing speed, the spin would sometimes fall too far.

The SIM Max was the only thing that really amazed me. I never caught one. The distance I was able to see from the SIM Max never fell, even though it had a very high spin rate (over 3000 RPM).

The middle driver in this range performed as expected. I didn't expect it to do so without the need to adjust settings for lower spin. Without affecting spin, the Inertia Generator was certainly a benefit.

However, it was extremely difficult to really notice an increase in swing speed due to the shape of the head and the angle at which the Inertia Generator is placed. I have yet to be convinced that 20° angle is the best for an inertia-generator. Although it might be proved in TaylorMade's lab, or while DJ swings the club "in a slot", it is not something that everyone can do. So whether it will bring us all the promised benefits I will leave to you.

Taylormade Sim Driver Tolerable?

TaylorMade SIM driver (Shape In Motion) is the third new driver. The SIM MAX driver focuses on controlling spin and dialling shot bias. While the SIM MAX driver focuses more on forgiveness and the Max D SIM on draw-bias, the Jan 19th, 2021

Which Taylormade Sim driver is the most forgiving?

We found that the TaylorMade SIM 2MAX driver was the most patient. Three days ago

Is Taylormade Sim A Good Driver?

SIM is very useful. However, it's not magic. This is possible because you are properly fit. That is great, but it does not mean you will get the best results from SIM.

Are Sim Drivers Any Good?

SIM is undoubtedly the most striking driver for 2020. June 9, 2020

.Taylormade Sim Driver Review

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