Sldr Driver Reviews

Sldr Driver Reviews

Taylormade Sldr Driver Review. – How Low Are The Spins?

Paul Club Reviews and Golf Product Reviews 6 comments This is a review on the TaylorMade SLDR driver at 460cc.

The driver for the 460 SLDR is larger and more accommodating than the model 430cc and offers a powerful punch to high-spinners like you and me.

Continue reading to learn more about the quality driver and make informed purchases.

sldr driver reviews

Which Reviews Are There?

You might be surprised (or not), but the SLDR driver gets excellent ratings.

Based on over 130 Global Golf reviews it earns 4.6/5 Stars, 4.3/5 with the 93 Amazon reviews and 4.6/5 from over 67 Taylor reviews. Made website.

Despite being many years older, the driver still has relevance and performs a quality job.

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sldr driver reviews

Taylormade Sldr430Tp Driver Review

#Loft Up for the Longest Drives TaylorMade's SLDR has now had the longest shelf cycle of just about any driver TaylorMade has ever produced. The SLDR is well-respected and is selling very well despite being over a year old (or so I have heard). The SLDR driver is a superb choice, despite the fact that most golfers are aware of the problems with falling golf numbers. I just put the SLDR 430 TP in the bag and the whole #Loft. It is a real campaign called Up. I have had some of my longest drives this season.

You may have read my reviews. I'm a huge fan of trying new drivers. There have been some that are extremely flexible and forgiving. In fact, I put the SLDR 460 into the bag in 2013 and even though I had done all my driver testing, the bag kept returning to the bag. The SLDR 430 TP has kicked the 460 out of the bag.

I chose to go with the 10.5*. I could not be more happy. For maximum spin rates and driver launch, the additional face angle is crucial. I think most golfers if not all golfers will need to #Loft. This club is worth every penny. I switched to Neutral and moved the SLDR Weight two clicks closer to my toe, which allowed me to feel the best flight and feeling.

TaylorMade SLDR 430 TP a top-of the line driver. Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.3 shaft is used as the stock shaft. It has very tight dispersion, and is therefore lower-launching. The shafts have been great to me. It was the Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Spec shaft that I used to test mine.

Troy Burne, WI is my "home" course for the first time. I have been using the same tees for most of the year. But, one summer round made me want to play all the way back. I played in all the usual spots, but I also spent more time on a handful of holes with my SLDR 430 TP. After the round I was done, I found out a couple of places I hadn't seen before. My longest driving distance on course was anything I have ever done.

This flightscope number simply confirmed the results I had seen on my course. This driver takes a lot of effort! The sweet spot for the driver of the golf balls is quite small.

The compact size is obvious and it may not be enough for you. Your driver's sweet spot won't work if you already have your hands all over him. If you are a low ball hitter, you are going to have to get the 12* head or even higher to get enough launch. This may happen if your setup isn't very efficient. Before you grab one of these drivers, I recommend that you get fit. I knew after my time at the TMPL in Minnesota seeing my buddy get fit for one, it would be a good fit for me too.


sldr driver reviews

Last Thoughts

It is amazing to think that the SLDR was first released 7 years ago. Taylor. Made has released numerous new drivers to market. This design was revolutionary and made the weight-and loft adjustment for golfers easy.

Taylor. Taylor. And, there is no reason why we shouldn't do the same in 2021. You get everything you want in a driver: accelerated ball speed and lower spin. The best part is that it's super cheap.

Taylormade Sldr is it good?

You might be surprised (or not) to learn that the SLDR driver received excellent ratings. It is rated 4.6/5 by Global Golf users, 4.3/5 on Amazon with 93 reviews, and 4.56/5 on TaylorMade customers.

Taylormade Sldr forgiving?

TaylorMade are promoting the SLDR driver with the line of 'more distance through more loft' as the head creates much less backspin than other models. This allows you to play a driver with a higher loft, which in turn makes it more forgiving and easier to hit and this is really the key benefit of this driver.Sep 10, 2013

Which Year was The Taylormade Sldr Made

2013. FIRST HIT TEST TaylorMade SLDR's have had a quick take-up on both of the main tours. It is claimed that this driver has been the best ever made by the company. On our GC2 launch monitor at Stoke Park Golf Club, we hit the SLDR as well its predecessor the R1 Black. July 6, 2018.

What Does Sldr imply Taylormade

SLDR DRIVER The driver quickly morphed into a 430 version, geared toward the advanced golfer. TaylorMade's SLDR engineering goes against all the grain in the golf industry. It is based on a lower and more forward center of gravity (CG). May 6, 2014

.Sldr Driver Reviews

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