Taylormade Tour Preferred X Review

Taylormade Tour Preferred X Review


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taylormade tour preferred x review

Taylormade Golf, The Tour Prefer, Tour Pr X, and Project A Golf Balls, Updated For 2016.

October 30, 2015 – TaylorMade Golf a second most used ball brand on PGA Tour has revealed its 2016 golf ball lineup, which includes three Tour staff professionals who are currently in Top ten in Official World Golf Ranking. Project (a), Tour Preferred X & Tour Preferred X will be highlighted. The new TaylorMade line-up offers exceptional performance, feel and spin on the greens with these three models. It has been a huge success. Justin Rose was the first professional staff member to change into the Tour Preferred X Ball before he won at the UBS Hong Kong Open.


TaylorMade’s Softest Tour Ball: This new Tour Preferred ball (four-layer construction, 80 compression) features TaylorMade’s next-generation Speed. Mantle inner layers are made up of a mantle material which is more soft than the old generation and has a greater flexibility. The development of the new mantle has allowed engineers to create a softer feeling ball, while still maintaining the performance characteristics of the original Tour Preferred golf ball.

Tour Preferred provides a greater launch and more spin to long irons. While maintaining the same distance off of the tee and greenside spinning as the Tour Preferred X the ball feels softer. TaylorMade’s Soft Tech Cast Urethane Cover, which is still the best and longest-lasting cover in its class, remains on the new Tour Preferred. LDP (low drag performance aerodynamics) provides 322 dimple patterns that provide distance off the fairway and allow for a more direct flight to wind. Tour Preferred golf balls are designed for those with slower swings who want a softer tour performance ball.

RRP: 58 EUR per dozen. Available from 15 December 2015.


TaylorMade's Tour ball with the most control: The new Tour Preferred X ball (5-layer construction, 87 compression) features a new thicker re-engineered Soft Tech cast urethane cover for more greenside control and the same LDP 322 dimple pattern found in the Tour Preferred. Similar to its predecessor the Tour Preferred X has low spin off and high iron ball flight. However, it offers more greenside rotation, which is what top players prefer.

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taylormade tour preferred x review

Taylormade Tour X 2016 Golf Ball Review

Tour Preferred X's five-layer structure is the same as before. It has a shorter flight due to the longer irons.

Although the compression has dropped by 1 point to 87, it is still the same compression and the feel is almost identical to that of the 2014 X model. Soft Tech cast-urethane is slightly thicker that before, and has the same number 322 dimples than the standard ball.

Surrounding the green, the Tour Preferred X sounded a touch firmer than the standard Tour Preferred. In many ways it was similar to a Pro V1x.

High spin and faster swing speeds will likely get the most performance out of the X. However, the difference in the Tour Preferred models will be helpful if your decision is based on your feel around greens.

Other than the greenside feel and performance numbers, there are significant differences between the two balls. The Tour Preferred X spins faster with a wedge. This is due to the greater compression. However, the feel is more difficult.

As the Tour Preferred uses longer irons, the Tour Preferred launches higher and has more spin. Additionally, the Tour Preferred can stop faster due to less roll.

My swing speed performance was very similar to the Tour Preferred's, although it did not travel the same distance at a slightly lower swing speed.


taylormade tour preferred x review

2016 Taylormade Project – A) Golf Ball

Joining the pair of tour style balls will be the upgraded Project (a) model, replacing a ball that was launched last year to offer amateurs more spin and performance from 30 yards and in.

You can continue your quest for the 2016 version with a compression of 70. This 18-lower than the previous 88 model. This makes it more comfortable off the face, and gives you an easier time taking approach shots.

This helps because amateurs generate about 50 percent less spin than professional players.

Other than this, Project (a) still features many of its original technologies, such as a REACT core that provides more distance, and the durable Soft Tech cast Urethane cover, which gives you spin and feel.

TaylorMade golf balls pricing 2016 Prices All three new TaylorMade golf balls will become available on the 15th of Dezember, the 2016 TaylorMade Tour Preferred two-piece costing PS44.99 a dozen, and the 2016 TaylorMade Project (a), priced at PS34.99 each.

Taylormade Tours Preferred forgiving?

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB or Cavity-Back irons are the largest, most forgiving iron in the set. Jan 6, 2014

How do you choose the right golf ball to use for 7-handicappers?

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  2. TaylorMade Soft Response golf balls
  3. Srixon AD333 ball of golf
  4. Honma 1 golf ball.
  5. Volvik Vivid golf balls
  6. Mizuno RB 566 golf ball.
  7. Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball.
  8. Bridgestone E6 golf ball. High ball speed is possible with a low-compression core.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Golf Ball?

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What Is The Best Tour Golf Ball?

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.Taylormade Tour Preferred X Review

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