Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer

Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer

Indianapolis Accident Lawyer

Indianapolis is home to large trucks, commercial vehicles and others that pose significant dangers for all motorists. Although they are essential in moving cargo between locations, their massive size means that these large trucks can be slow to stop when needed and cannot see other vehicles.

Accidents with commercial vehicles may cause injuries that could lead to permanent damage. There may be physical injuries. In addition, it can also affect your ability earn a living and enjoy the company of loved ones.

If you were injured in a collision involving a big rig or tractor-trailer, an Indianapolis truck accident lawyer may be able to help you. An experienced personal injury lawyer can explain how truckers failed to comply with safety regulations and help you to get compensation. It is also worth noting the rise in truck collisions and fatality rates rising in Indiana between 2019 and 2020 despite the reduced traffic on the roads due to COVID-19. The reason that fatality rates rose is largely due to truck driver negligence, according to research.

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indianapolis truck accident lawyer

A Trucking Company May Share Responsibility

A truck accident case should include the correct identification of all liable parties. This is an essential but overlooked element. Trucker responsible for an accident are to be held accountable. Drivers are protected by their insurance companies from personal liability.

In some cases, however, the trucking company might share in the fault. The concept of respondeat superior law is what makes this possible. Simply put, the law holds that employers are responsible when employees do negligent work. If a trucker is on duty when an accident occurs, their employer will likely be jointly liable. However, this may not be always true.

Numerous truckers work for themselves and have their own cars. In such situations, the trucker or their insurance company is the only possible defendant.

You must be able quickly to determine this.

In Indiana Code SS34-11-2, there's a two-year limit on compensation claims following truck accident injuries. An Indianapolis truck accident attorney can help you identify any defendants, file lawsuits or insurance claims within the time limit.


indianapolis truck accident lawyer

For more information, contact an Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer today

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries. You need to do your best to heal and return to your normal life. These are often times when you have to miss work due to the medical issues. Thankfully, the law says that you have the right to demand compensation for all your losses from negligent truck drivers, their insurance companies, and their employers. But, it can be difficult to collect these payments.

To collect the appropriate payment after a truck crash, you must prove that the truck driver caused it. This could necessitate gathering evidence from the scene of the crash, talking with witnesses, and even working with accident reconstruction experts. Additionally, it is important that you show the impact of this accident on your life.

In Indianapolis, a truck accident lawyer will handle every aspect of getting you the best possible compensation. You can then focus on your family and get back to normal. We would recommend that you immediately contact our trial attorneys to begin an investigation into the possible seriousness of your injuries.

If you are a plaintiff, our lawyers will send investigators to the truck to determine its condition. They also file a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) for the truck to prohibit the truck company from trying to get rid of the blackbox. This black box records the log times of the driver and can be used to determine if the trucker drove beyond the time logged by his log. Again, if the trucker was driving for more than 11 hours before this collision occurred, the trucker has violated the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration laws discussed above. To maximize the potential value of your case, it is important to hire an attorney experienced in truck accident cases. We will gladly represent you against any commercial trucking company. For a complimentary consultation, call us today

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