Manitoba Children’s Museum

Children Museum: Manitoba's Star Attraction for Kids and Youngers at Heart


Winnipeg is home to some of the province's most popular attractions, including a museum that will make you and your children fall in love with learning. Located in an old train repair facility, this place offers hands-on activities. The twelve permanent interactive galleries give kids the opportunity to experience what they are learning while having fun at Winnipeg's number one destination for youngsters. This Manitoba landmark prides itself on staying ahead of trends so parents can rest assured knowing their little ones' brains have been safely filled up with knowledge from all different aspects – science, math or art amongst others.

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Buhler Welcome Centre of Manitoba Children's Museum

Established 1986
Location 45 Forks Market Road
Winnipeg , Manitoba
R3C 4T6
Type Children's museum
Visitors 135,000+ annually
Website www .childrensmuseum .com

 The Children's Museum is Winnipeg's most popular attraction for kids. Located in a historical train repair facility, the museum has 12 interactive galleries with hands-on activities that show children how to learn and grow while having fun! With fresh ideas on learning environments at all times, parents will enjoy seeing their little ones leave full of knowledge and memories as they explore The Manitoba Landmark.


The museum was founded in 1983. The first exhibit opened on 21 June 1986, and the expansion of space took place to accommodate three permanent galleries: Grain Elevator & Train Making Sense, which included a grain elevator that portrayed life at the turn-of-the century; Big Top with circus memorabilia from 1889 through present day including Kincaid's Circus Wagon; and CNR Bridges where visitors can explore Manitoba’s railway history. In 1989 plans were initiated for this institution to move into their new home – a former industrial building located downtown Winnipeg across from Union Station built by Canadian National Railway (CNR). After $4 million raised over an 18 year span as well as careful planning sessions among city officials while also taking public input The Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature was established in 1983.

It opened its first exhibit, the Grain Elevator and Train Gallery on June 21 1986 with space for 3 permanent galleries: Making Sense (1987), The Big Top (1989) or grain elevators; CNR Bridges which is an interactive bridge simulator that allows visitors to explore different kinds of bridges from around the world, as well as trains-the Northern Pacific Railway Repair Shop also known as the Kinsmen Building. In 1994 after a $4 million capital campaign it moved into their new home at 1 Broadway Avenue West where there are 6 regular gallery spaces including Prairie Stories documenting Winnipeg's past through photographs taken by Hudson Bay Junction residents over 50 ye alongside contemporary images photographed by local artists.


Manitoba Children's Museum Tour the 12 permanent galleries and enjoy interactive activities, including a milking machine. You can also make your own cityscape or go on an outerspace ride to explore deep sea life! Manitoba's Children Museum is a treasure trove of learning and fun! With 12 permanent galleries presenting various displays, kids are going to love exploring the exhibits. The Engine House teaches children about how energy from steam engines was used to power trains like the ones that traveled through Manitoba in its early days. Illusion Tunnel uses shadows to show what really happens when you shrink down or grow taller as well as turn your head upside-down while walking on a rail above it all. Junction 9161 takes visitors back  with realistic video screens where they can see themselves zipping around town dodging traffic jams and blowing kisses at strangers waiting for their bus stop.

Visiting Hours

Hours: Sunday – Thursday | 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM; Friday – Saturday | 9AM- 6PM Motto  9am to the night! We're open till 10pm during weekdays, and 11 on Fridays. Hours: Sunday – Thursday | 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM; Friday & Saturday| 9:00-6PM Extended Summer Hours*July 1 – September 5 Daily, 10AM–8PM Closed for 4 days immediately following Labour Day and December 24th. New Year's Day (Friday, January 1st): CLOSED Louis Riel Day ('Monday February 15) Open from 10am to 8pm Good Friday (*April 2nd) Open from 12 noon to 6 pm Easter Sunday *(Sunday April 3rd), open at 11 am in the morning till 7pm on that day Easter Monday (*Monday April4th),open at 11 am in the morning till 7pm Monday.


Location and Direction

The Forks is a downtown Winnipeg destination that combines history and entertainment. Visitors to The Forks can enjoy diverse shopping, dining options, movie theaters showing both Hollywood blockbusters and Canadian classics as well as live performances at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre or in one of our many unique venues such as Scotiabank Stage on Ice or the Warehouse Concert Hall. It's also home to an eclectic mix of historical buildings including Union Station – now featuring Via Rail offices with displays about Manitoba’s rich railway heritage – warehouse style architecture like Silo 3-D Bar & Grill which features rotating exhibits by local artists; Fort Garry House Museum for its excellent collection focusing primarily on life from 1869 through 1914 but delving into earlier periods. Located at The Forks in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, this museum is one place that will make you feel like a Canadian. With free parking and excellent public transit service to get there, it's an easy visit for all Canadians.

Amenities And Accessibility

Stroller and wheelchair rentals are available (refundable deposit required). Explore-Abilities resources including: sunglasses, fidget toys, ear defenders as well as access to a designated quiet zone apart from museum galleries. Amenities Wash rooms/ family friendly with change tables located in men's, women's and family washrooms. Private nursing room is provided for mothers who require privacy while breastfeeding or changing their child’s diaper before heading out on the town! Change table area includes an outlet plug that can be used if you have your own electric pump so momma doesn't have to lug hers around every time she needs it at home! Snacks and beverages are available for purchase at Shop & Beanstalk coffee bar; Explore-Abilities is a resource center for individuals with disabilities.

They offer wheelchair and stroller rentals, accessible washrooms and change tables, designated quiet zones within the museum galleries (available upon request), sunglasses to protect from glare or reflections on glass cases in museums which can be too bright for some visitors; fidget toys that are suitable sources of sensory input; ear defenders for noisy environments such as at construction sites or busy streets when trying to hear an audio guide tour.

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